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Cloud Browser by Google

December 2010

Few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post which explains similarities of Chromium OS and Rockmelt. I think Google or Facebook should fully integrate their accounts to browser.

Basic Idea: Problem - Solution

Problem is the browser. Browser is a bedroom for user. It is the place you organized, It is the place you store all your secrets. When you share your bedroom or when you stay in friend’s bedroom, neither you nor your friend can be comfortable. For example, using some other computer even for just few minutes is not comfortable. None of the data is mine, and my data is not here.

Basic solution is storing every single user data created by browser (chrome/ie/safari or new browser) ,on the cloud. This can be done by browser extension or by a new type of browser. User has to login to this browser via his/her Google account, so browser can gather all the data from web and create his/her own browser


User can store all of his login information in just one place, so he does not need worry about all his passwords anymore. Just login to the browser and it is going to remember all your logged in accounts.

OpenID does not work well because It requires developers to learn and use it. Instead of forcing every single website to implement an authenticatin system, users can sync all their passwords.

This can turn google accounts in to one Unique-Online-Ids.


Google is currently syncing all bookmarks data, but it is not enough because I can not access them easily from a temporary device. If I can not access them from other computer why do Google store them on cloud?


Also, the whole history of the browser has to be stored on the cloud.

Settings - Themes - Autofill

But storing just these basic data is not enough. Every single data has to be syned, and when user logs out, every information on local machines should be deleted.

Apps - Extensions - Contacts

Later on this browser can be improved by adding built-in apps, widgets and Instant messaging application.

Please comment and tell me your opinions.