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Trends, I Care

November 2010

I just started blogging, and I am using twitter to meet/communicate with new people. Twitter is the best way to learn what other people (like me/people with same interests) are working on right_now/today.

Also, these days, Twitter is doing really well on their friends suggestion algorithms, so I can easily find new people who talk about the things I care.

Because of the people I follow, I can immediately learn if something new (something I care) is happening.

But I have a problem with these tweets. There are thousands of them ever single day, and they also contain author’s special interests. This is not bad thing, but It makes very hard to notice common/popular trends of people I follow.

Therefore, I want Twitter to show the Trends, I care which is basically the trends of people I follow. So I can quickly/easily understand what is going on my Twitter community.